Keep Going

by Hank Thompson on December 31, 2014

Last Saturday I performed on the same show as Bill Burr. He’s far and away my top comedian. I’ve always aspired to be as honest, authentic and hard-working as him, none of which I’ve achieved. I was standing awkwardly in the green room at Flappers when suddenly he’s right there next to me. I almost shit my mouth with excitement but I played it cool, hoping to come off as anybody other than the nobody I am. He was just dropping in to do a set– a normal night for him and a privilege he’s earned and deserves, but to be a struggling/clawing/doubting/desperate/eye-gouging stand up and get to share a stage with one of the best in the business, out honing his craft, was very validating and is something that’s going to keep my sails filled for quite a while.

It’s hard to know you’re on the right path and it’s even easier to think the one you’re on might be wrong. A stand up career is full of reasons to quit. It’s the rare moment like this that’s like a dimly lit sign on the side of the cold, lonely road. “You’re doing something right,” it reads. “Now quit reading this sign and go write some fucking jokes.”

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