Brothers – (2 min)

An older brother’s worst nightmare comes true.

While visiting family over Christmas, I was playing soccer with my nephews. On an impulse, I decided a better use of our time would be making a short film. The kids would learn something, I would get to test my recently acquired iPhone 6 (and learn something) and most importantly of all, we wouldn’t be playing soccer. After a couple hours of filming, with too many “one more time’s” to count, plus many more hours of editing, the result was Brothers.

In the first week on YouTube, it gained enough attention that we signed it with the viral management company Storyful. Quickly after, it climbed to over 6000 views, which isn’t bad. It was written about on Empty Lighthouse and posted on various news sites, including AOL, MSN and Yahoo.


Camera: iPhone 6
Edited on: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Music by: Neosounds
Music & sounds by:

Rise – (20 min)

A friendship is strained after two friends plot to scam a pizza-making contest.

Rise (Short Film) from Hank Thompson on Vimeo.

Rise was made for the 2011 Pizza Film Festival. I wrote it and filmed with my friend, Jeff. We shot it on a crappy camera with a small shotgun microphone over about a month leading up to the festival. I spent at least 100 hours editing. It’s as amateur as it gets but I’m proud of it, considering the lack of equipment, experience, know-how and talent that went into it. It features several soon to be famous comedians: Jeff Steinbrunner, Liza Treyger, Megan Gailey, Ricky Gonzalez and Joe Fernandez.


Rise screenshots 9



I was sitting around waiting to die when my friends, Simmons McDavid and Lane Pieschel, called and said they needed me to make their film. Having never made a film before, I said yes. Their idea was terrible. So was mine. But we morphed them all together and made Tossed. Before this, my only video experience was putting text on stand up videos. Yes, it’s about pizza.

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