Los Angeles

by Hank Thompson on November 15, 2013

It’s been some time since I posted and for anyone wondering why the answer is simple: Los Angeles. Yes, that’s right. I got a job working for The Young Turks and so I sold all my shit, sold off my business, loaded up my Subaru and hauled my ass across the country.

It’s been an absolutely insane past six months. Instead of rehashing every little detail, I’ll post what I wrote on Facebook a day or two after arriving in LA:

Wow. I’m starting to realize moving to California hasn’t been some crazy dream or a spell cast on me by some maligned former gypsy ex-girlfriend, of which there are many. I’m actually here now. It’s beginning to feel real. I had such little time to arrange my affairs and get out of Chicago and I wish I could have said bye to more people and more places. In my last week, though, I found myself gazing up and around Chicago at the beauty that defines the city, pausing to take pause. There is so much to appreciate and so much to miss. Don’t take it for granted. More than anything, I’ll miss the Chicago comedy community. I’ll forever be thankful and proud that I got to be a part of such a vibrant, creative and drunk group of people. I made lifelong friends and enemies that I’ll cherish forever. Thanks to Jeff Steinbrunner for helping make it happen, even though the guy either napped feverishly or wagged his tongue out the window the whole drive out. No matter, he was, and is, exactly the friend he’s always been. One adventure ends, another begins and I look forward to starting a new list of wonderful embarrassing failures in the Laughter Industry here in LA. Remember: an audience of one is still an audience. Clap for yourself, fuckfaces. Also, if I’m back in Chicago five weeks from now let’s just pretend none of this moving shit ever happened. Love you all. -Hank

It all happened so fast that I had to cast aside some priorities for a while, one of them being this blog. And the podcast. And my health.

More soon!

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