Too Many Cooks Has Just Enough Cooks

by Hank Thompson on November 10, 2014

‘Too Many Cooks’ by Adult Swim’s Casper Kelly blew up fast and remains in a state of upward blowing. The phrase “Too Many Cooks” is trending on Twitter as I type this. Not the hashtag, the phrase itself. What does that mean, exactly? Beats me but it means A LOT of people are talking about it.

There’s a good reason for that. The video is utterly compelling. It’s the intro to a TV show called ‘Too Many Cooks’ but there is no TV show (yet). It’s a throwback to cheesy graphics and cheesier smiles, but then it takes a… well, I’m out of my mind for trying to describe it. Just watch. Hit play. Now.

Like Rob Cantor’s Shia LaBoeuf video a couple posts down, it accomplishes what appeals to me most: controlled, deliberate insanity. Nothing’s more entertaining than things that shouldn’t exist, yet somehow do, and were created with obvious effort and attention, yet by any rational accounting shouldn’t have been conceived — let alone nourished and brought to life. But I’m glad it was and so are many others.

My two word review of ‘Too Many Cooks’ is this: More cooks!

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