Infinite Clicks

Infinite Clicks is the show I do with my good friend and even worse co-host Joe McAdam. We cover news, science, technology, trends, culture, entertainment and anything interesting. We’re for people who are tired of shows done by professionals who know what they’re doing.

Here’s the link to the channel. Go ahead and subscribe while you’re there.

Here’s a recent clip:

The show is in its early phase, the one all shows go through, where the host has a full-time day job and despite having very little time, does all the research, printing, producing, graphics, animation, editing, uploading, publishing and promotion.

We do a segment called Monologue Jokes. Here’s one:

As a stand up comedian, I already have the colossal ego of someone who thinks his opinions need to be heard so it was an easy transition to hosting a show.

My expectation is that about 90% of the people who stumble across a clip will be confused as to why this exists and that the other 10% realize the entire thing is a joke and definitely shouldn’t exist but find it fun to watch anyway.

Thanks for checking it out!



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