Stand Up


“Hank Thompson crushes it,” wrote the Chicago Tribune’s Jason Heidemann in September of 2014. That’s about the best a stand up could hope for.

I started in 2009 and have performed well over 10 times, many of those in front of an audience. I’ve shared the stage with headliners big and small, have hosted, featured and headlined local showcases. Though I’ll always be proud to say I got my start in Chicago, I can be found holding microphones in dark corners throughout Los Angeles.

Here are a couple bits. They’ve evolved since this was filmed (Feb 2013) but they remain a not completely embarrassing sample of the kind of comedy I do. I don’t wear that shirt anymore. It was torn into pieces by the crowd immediately after my set.

Here’s some — I think they’re called “Memes” — to show that I truly know my way around the stage:

Meme layout 6 memes