An Inspiring Self-Portrait That Inspires Inspiration

by Hank Thompson on September 14, 2015

Got carried away with Photoshop and before I knew it I had another self-portrait. Not bad, eh? Really captures who I am and what I’m all about, which is a female lion who doesn’t have a lower jaw.

Hank Self Portrait - Lion

Ok, confession time: that’s not actually me. I did draw it, though. In photoshop. I made it for a side project I recently started doing on Instagram (#instagram). It’s called ‘Crushing Inspiration’ and it’s my attempt to take down the inspiration industry, which is rampant on Instagram, among other places. Inspiration comes in many forms and all of them are bullshit.

What I do with Crushing Inspiration is I write the world’s worst inspirational quotes and I dress ’em up pretty in Photoshop with colors and textures and punctuation and then I load up each post with hashtags (#hashtag).

If you’re on Instagram, go have a look and follow if you enjoy. My secret goal is that by rotting Inspiration from the inside out I will inspire people and then I will become the thing I hate most, which is a living contradiction.

Here’s the link in case you missed it: CRUSHINGINSPIRATION ON INSTAGRAM

If you’re really into it, you can follow Crushing Inspiration on Twitter: @Slut4Inspiratio

Oh, also, #WillSmith


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