Making a Murder – My Latest Masterpiece or What I Filmed While Getting A Burrito

by Hank Thompson on January 30, 2016

As the famous saying goes: When life hands you crows, make a 22 second parody of Making a Murderer.

Background for the Smithsonian: Crows have been roaming about my neighborhood in the last few weeks. I happened upon this particular mob after getting a burrito from a nearby burrito dealer. I’d never seen so many before. They flew around and they landed on stuff and then after awhile they flew around some more, which is very typical bird behavior. Unlike most birds, however, crows are actually one of the most intelligent, capable of solving puzzles that would challenge high school students. It’s also a fact that they are servants of the Dark Lord Satan sent from the aviaries of Hades to spread doom, fear, ennui and poop upon all foolish enough to gaze skyward at their bellies, turning their eyes into embers and softening their resolve to resist the coming Soul Harvest.

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