Elections – They’re Bad For Democracy

by Hank Thompson on November 14, 2014

Voter matters. Elections don’t. Or it’s the other way around. Oh, who can tell anymore?

I hosted TYT140 again. This time I turned my attention to elections, voting and why Americans don’t seem all that interested in either. Be careful, I MAY or MAY NOT make a reference to an infamous cancelled Pepsi product.

By the way, my opinions don’t mean shit but I said them into a camera, which means now they don’t matter publicly. There are a few jokes in there I’m not embarrassed about so at least I’ve got that.

Here’s the link referenced at the end: Infinite Clicks. It’s my talk show, which I haven’t written about or promoted on my own website yet because I’m horrible at being a comedian. I’d love it if you took a minute to check it out and subscribe.

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