Meanwhile on Downton Abbey – An Animated Web-series

by Hank Thompson on December 29, 2014

For some reason, I’m making an animated web-series about Downton Abbey, called Meanwhile on Downton Abbey. For those not in the know, Downton Abbey is about a bunch of loveable British snobs who live in a castle and their even more loveable servants. All of them have genitals, expectations and complicated psyches that drive them through decisions great, small and British. Fans are loyal, and I count myself among them, after finding much comfort in season 1 years ago while reeling from a break up (that I initiated). Season 6 has aired in Britain and will be airing in America very soon.

Scripted, multi-episode projects come with numerous challenges, some expected, many not. The biggest one in I’m facing with this one is I have no idea how to do animation. How hard could it be? I told myself. Well, I made the mistake of listening and set off down the road. If you have 23 seconds, please watch the intro I made. Everything was drawn in with a mouse and then “animated” using Premiere Pro CC.

Here are some characters I drew. If you’re a fan of the show, you might recognize them:

Meanwhile on Downton Abbey Characters

There is SO much more work to do but I’ve gone too far to turn back. Partly why I’m posting this here is to help keep myself motivated to complete the project. Follow-through is the key step in following through. As I make progress on more characters and as episodes begin to take shape, I’ll keep updating here.

And yes, you’ll be relieved to find out  I’m doing most of the voices as well.

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